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I'm feeling Great


I'm feeling Great


I'm feeling Great

Welcome to Pescara


“Nice surprise, excellent location, very close to the station… but not too close to have any of the downsides. It’s also very close to the pedestrian area with all the shops and restaurants on the promenade. Excellent service, very spacious and comfortable rooms, decent breakfast. They have a very useful bike rental service and the city has an extensive bike lane network.”


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There are thousands of ways to get things done, but only one of these is your way. At G you are free to be at your best when facing challenges, feeling recharged and inspired. Your job is none of our business, but we’ll make sure everything else goes smoothly.

All you have to do is get those results!

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It is proven scientifically that smiling increases turnover by 145%! Okay, that might be fake news. But make sure you celebrate your success with a healthy dose of leisure and relaxation time. Experts recommend including fun in your daily routine, finding activities you love and that bring you joy to make you more productive in the long run. At G we have always known this…

G Hotel Camere
G Hotel Camere
G Hotel Camere

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