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Morning Pleasure, the awakening of all your senses

Breakfast is probably the most intimate moment when traveling, even more important than waking up in your room, and we know it well: in our buffet room we offer a symphony of tastes and flavours that will turn this moment of the day into a true delicious experience.

From 7 to 12 the taste Awakening has no limits!

A rich selection of quality products for all tastes.

Quality products prepared and served with the utmost care will hug your senses awakening. Yummy Cakes, soft muffins, fresh bread, pizza, biscuits: goodness prepared by our chef and also fresh fruit, 100% orange juice, tasty jams, eggs and bacon, bio & vegan snacks, low-calorie and celiac products. All accompanied by that timeless coffee aroma all around.

Let yourself be persuaded by the colours and smells of our buffet, so that yours becomes a real “good” day!

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