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It is just matter of time and anyone who spends some time in Abruzzo will fall in love with its typical products and its cuisine that are known and appreciated all over the world. The local cooking tradition in Abruzzo offers a huge variety of dishes and recipes that have their roots in the pastoral backgrounds of the mountain areas and in the maritime culture that distinguishes the coastal area. When we talk about foods in Abruzzo we find bread, pasta, meat, cheese and wine, as well as fish and sea products.

Do not miss the chance to get in touch with one of the most appreciated Italian culinary tradition.

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Here you are the receipt of Abruzzo Region for excellence. Arrosticini are an Iconic dish in Abruzzo made of sheep or lamb meat. Legend has it that two shepherds who cut sheep meat into small pieces and put them into wooden sticks invented them in the early 1900 and, after having removed a gutter from the roof of a house, they cooked them with coal. It seems the result was not that bad after all. Do not miss them! 


Sagne is a very typical first course of the Abruzzo cuisine. It consists of a sort of short tagliatelle pasta called Sagne made with water, flour, and salt. It is typically cooked with borlotti beans in a tomato, celery, carrot, and bacon sauce. Locals say that this type of pasta was formerly prepared to encourage milk production in breastfeeding women.

Pallotte Cacio e Ove

These are typical meatballs made of cheese and eggs mixed with stale bread, fried and then seasoned with sauce. Every self-respecting local uses to cook them with local cow cheese and eggs from the hens of the farmer, and then dip them in homemade sauce, the classic “buttij’ di pmmador” than only locals are able to pronounce it.

Mortadella di Campotosto

It is also known with the Italian funny name of Coglioni Mulo, is a cured meat loved and appreciated in Abruzzo for its organoleptic characteristics and for its unique and inimitable shape and taste. T he tradition of Mortadella di Campotosto (Aq) is very old; it is believed to be more than 500 years old.

Caciocavallo Abruzzese

Cheese lover? Don’t miss this semi-aged cheese produced all around the Abruzzo region. With its iconic teardrop shape with a head, it is kept hanging from a beam. High-quality pasteurized milk and a 30-day maturation time give this cheese unique characteristics and a pleasant, sweet, flavourful taste.


Pizz’ onta means greasy pizza in Italian and guess what? That’s it! Is a quick-fry bread to eat alone or with a slice of prosciutto or pecorino cheese.

The recipe of Pizz’onta is the classical family recipe and you will find it in every festival of Abruzzo served both in salty version (with salt on top) and in sweet version (with sugar).

Ventricina Abruzzese

The absolute queen of Abruzzo charcuterie, a pork specialty that was about to be forgotten. It looks like a salami and is rich in spices with sweet and spicy bell pepper, with the special partner in crime of wild fennel. It has a Caciocavallo shape and a marbled slice that is perfect eaten with homemade bread or ideal in tasty cooking and street food preparations.


There is no Christmas without Caggionetti in Abruzzo! They are sweet half-moon shaped ravioli. This is a very ancient recipe, handed down from generation to generation with many variations: filled with chickpeas, chestnuts, dark chocolate or almonds. Each family has its own culinary tradition to follow for the holidays.

Mostaccioli Abruzzesi

These are yummy and soft cookies from Abruzzo region. In the past, mostaccioli were especially prepared during the main holidays such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve because there was a lot of chocolate around to be reused for the icing. There is no time of the year in which you cannot cook or buy them in the many pastry shops of Abruzzo today.

Confetti di Sulmona

Iconic and exported worldwide. The legend tells that once upon a time a few Nuns of the convent of Santa Chiara gave life to the art of sugar-coating around the 15th century. The sugared almonds of Sulmona are produced and packaged in many types, among the most characteristic are those that form bunches of multi-coloured flowers with different flavours.

Liquore alla Genziana

When you pronounce GENZIANA in Abruzzo you are saying many things at the same time: tradition, history, memories, conviviality and love. It means drinking a territory and its soul. Literally every local people has a bottle of Gentian liqueur at home because this not just a liqueur, in Abruzzo it is a real liquid treasure.

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